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Nonprofit Africa Partnership Opportunities

An immigrant from Eritrea turns ceramic artistry and knowledge of chemistry into a highly successful ceramic business. Salaam Urban Village Association (SUVA) will be highlighting the creative talent of Debessaie in the weeks ahead. Debessaie’s business is one of… Read More

Peacebuilding as a Lens — A Review of Integrated Peacebuilding: Innovative Approaches to Transforming Conflict

On rare occasions, a new work will both redefine a discipline and contribute to the birth of a new paradigm.  Integrated Peacebuilding: Innovative Approaches to Transforming Conflict (Craig Zelizer, Ed.)  is such a work.  In the array of… Read More

From Peace Making to Injera Making

Eritrean Cooking weaves rich relationships and recipes together to frame a dream that the world can find a more peaceful path.

Sharing an Uncommon Relational Banquet in a Very Common Restaurant

What can we learn about the importance of place or shared meals in peacemaking? How are relationships changed when we eat from a common dish? How do we construct places where we can gather for a relational banquet?

Making Peace with the Laughing Hyenas is no Laughing Matter!

Shortly after dusk, the hyenas emerge from the mountains and creep toward the edge of the village of Senafe, Eritrea.  They announce their presence with a distinctive yipping call.  It is an eerie sound that has been compared… Read More