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Joining Africa: From Anthills to Asmara –A Review

Dr. Samuel Mahaffy, Senior Advisor to Salaam Urban Village Association reviews the book Joining Africa: From Anthills to Asmara.  This review was originally published on his website in a longer form at http://samuelmahaffy.com/2014/10/joining-africa-anthills-asmara/ . From a Western world… Read More

Nonprofit Africa Partnership Opportunities

An immigrant from Eritrea turns ceramic artistry and knowledge of chemistry into a highly successful ceramic business. Salaam Urban Village Association (SUVA) will be highlighting the creative talent of Debessaie in the weeks ahead. Debessaie’s business is one of… Read More

Reflections on the 10th Annual YPFDJ North America Conference

Samuel Mahaffy was an invited speaker at the 10th Annual YPFDJ North America Conference held in Washington D.C.  He shares here his personal reflections on the conference. He writes regularly about Eritrea on his website at www.samuelmahaffy.com and… Read More

Guests from Africa at the Dinner Table

Commentary by Dr. Samuel Mahaffy. In many communities in Africa, it is a tradition to welcome a visiting guest with a meal.  Sharing a meal is a way of building and affirming relationship.  The U.S. – Africa Leaders… Read More

Invite Eritrea! Dialogue Begins with Inclusion not Exclusion

The singular exclusion of Eritrea from the invitation of African leaders to participate in the U.S. Africa Leaders Summit in Washington D.C. is misguided, inappropriate and does not serve the cause of peace and prosperity in the Horn… Read More