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Eritrea: Returning ‘The Gaze’

The world that long turned a blind eye to the ruthless and illegitimate violation of Eritrean sovereignty now focuses its gaze on this country. The gaze is perhaps worse than the blind eye. The blind eye to the… Read More

Celebrating Eritrea

Guest Post by Dr. Samuel Mahaffy. On May 24, 2015, Eritreans around the world will celebrate the 24th Anniversary of Independence Day. Eritrea deserves to celebrate.  The struggle for Independence came at great cost and sacrifice.  There is… Read More

Visiblizing Eritrea — Africa is not a Country: Eritrea is.

Eritrea is invisiblized by its detractors.  U.S. foreign policy, Western strategic alliances and media propensity to cover Africa only when and where there is a dramatic crisis, conspire to invisiblize countries like Eritrea. The scholar and linguist Noam… Read More

Peacebuilding as a Lens — A Review of Integrated Peacebuilding: Innovative Approaches to Transforming Conflict

On rare occasions, a new work will both redefine a discipline and contribute to the birth of a new paradigm.  Integrated Peacebuilding: Innovative Approaches to Transforming Conflict (Craig Zelizer, Ed.)  is such a work.  In the array of… Read More

From Peace Making to Injera Making

Eritrean Cooking weaves rich relationships and recipes together to frame a dream that the world can find a more peaceful path.